Helen Counts

Helen Counts has created powerful Indie rock vibes in her latest single 'Firefly' releasing on 8/16/22. The singer-songwriter works with a production house called Demo My Song® and 5050songs Music Publishing in New York City. Helen began her musical career singing in coffee houses in her 20s on the East coast and then self published her own CD 'Into Your Arms' in 2002, which is new to streaming in 2022. She first broke into Spotify with her single 'That Look' on 7/21/2021, followed quickly by 'Some Healing' on 12/01/2021 and ‘Shaky Ground’ on 3/29/2022. All her songs have both lyrical and visual intensity that captivate her listeners, and she has a very loyal following. Helen writes songs with varying musical styles, and she has strong harmonies in all of her songs. She is based in Madison, Wisconsin, US. Helen believes music is very healing on both a physical and spiritual level.